2013-12-31 Marten RichterFix bug in demuxer widescreen signaling master
2013-12-26 Marten RichterAdditional mp3 sanity check as suggested by winschrott
2013-11-30 Marten RichterActive set active source in changePowerState of Remote...
2013-11-24 Marten RichterReactivate remote reintialization in videoomx and purge...
2013-11-24 Marten RichterRemove remote reinit in videoomx signaloff
2013-11-24 Marten RichterDeactivate set power state, it seems to cause trouble
2013-11-23 Marten RichterProcess poweron and poweroff also in standby
2013-11-23 Marten RichterDetect mpeg audio frame header changes, and wait at...
2013-11-23 Marten RichterImprove cec handling in remote linux
2013-11-20 Marten RichterFix typing in channel number in radio list
2013-11-12 Marten RichterFix windows compile problem
2013-11-09 Marten RichterMerge branch '0-4-1-dev' of git.vomp.tv/vompclient
2013-11-03 Marten RichterSome fixes for windows 8
2013-10-31 Marten RichterFix muting bug, reported by dingo35
2013-10-30 Marten RichterAdd led patch by dingo35
2013-10-14 Marten RichterAdd addtional remote codes for MCE remotes as suggested...
2013-10-03 Marten RichterIncrease cec logging
2013-08-21 Marten RichterFix debian changelog email adress
2013-08-21 Marten RichterReport to libcec the current power state
2013-07-28 Marten RichterFlush/Reset video decoder pipeline, in case decoder...
2013-06-30 Marten RichterFix symbol and font gradients
2013-06-29 Marten RichterAdd support for gradients, slightly facelift of menues
2013-05-19 Chris TallonResume as default patch from dingo35
2013-05-19 Chris TallonMerge remote-tracking branch 'vompclient-marten/master...
2013-05-19 Marten RichterFix latm header parsing
2013-05-18 Chris TallonMerge remote-tracking branch 'vompclient-marten/master...
2013-05-18 Chris TallonSome progress towards using cross compiler
2013-04-26 Marten RichterFix mpeg audio header sanity check
2013-04-20 Marten RichterAdd sanity check for mp audio frame sync
2013-04-14 Marten RichterFix in mpeg audio header parsing code, pointed out...
2013-04-13 Marten RichterFix first frame omx handling, also only enable and...
2013-03-24 Marten RichterRemove debug message
2013-03-23 Marten RichterFix mpeg audio header parser, only pass a single frame...
2013-03-16 Marten RichterMinor change in stream handling
2013-03-09 Marten RichterAdd mpeg audio header parser
2013-03-09 Marten RichterFix in downmix code + integer mixing code
2013-03-03 Marten RichterAdd downmixing code for codecs of libav with no downmix...
2013-03-02 Chris TallonCompiler messages, code cleaning
2013-03-02 Chris TallonShutdown VDR patch from Yaris
2013-03-02 Marten RichterFix channel list on mpeg only platforms
2013-02-26 Marten RichterFix channel list on mpeg only platforms
2013-02-23 Chris TallonMerge branch '0-4-0rc'
2013-02-23 Chris TallonAutomatically select platform for mvp/raspberry
2013-02-16 Chris TallonDefault choice in options did not match default state...
2013-02-15 Marten RichterFix for damaged stream, reported by hondanxs
2013-02-09 Marten RichterCorrect h264 framecounting for field pictures
2013-01-20 Marten Richterdvbsubtitles fixup part 2
2013-01-19 Chris TallonMerge branch 'master' of git.vomp.tv:/vompclient-raspi...
2013-01-19 Chris TallonKill connection immediately if log send failed to send all
2013-01-19 Marten RichterCodecleanup dvbsubtitles
2013-01-19 Marten RichterFix changelog debian
2013-01-19 Marten RichterProtocoll and debian version bump to 0.4.0
2013-01-13 Chris TallonShow if recordings are new
2013-01-13 Chris TallonFix skip delay on MVP when subs are off
2013-01-06 Chris TallonEfficiency, code cleanup
2013-01-06 Chris TallonFix debug target locations
2013-01-06 Chris TallonMerge new vomp discovery protocol branch
2013-01-06 Chris TallonMerge remote-tracking branch 'vompclient-raspi/master'
2013-01-06 Chris TallonRewritten vomp discovery protocol
2013-01-03 Marten RichterChange mutex locking in setvolume and mute
2012-12-22 Marten RichterAdd manifest build step for windows
2012-12-20 Marten RichterFixes for next firmware tree
2012-12-10 Marten RichterClear subtitle patch by JTE
2012-12-09 Marten RichterFix option numbers
2012-12-08 Marten RichterWindows compilation fix part3
2012-12-08 Marten RichterRemove libjpeg part two
2012-12-08 Marten RichterRemove jpeglib from windows
2012-12-08 Marten RichterWindows Makefile fix
2012-12-08 Marten RichterFix playback of mono mpeg audio
2012-12-08 Marten RichterFix subtitles playback on live tv
2012-12-01 Marten RichterWindows compilation and other fixes
2012-12-01 Marten RichterFix live TV ac3 playback, probably a very old bug
2012-11-24 Marten RichterApply JTE subtitles patch for not destroying OSD
2012-11-23 Marten RichterSecond attempt of makefile fix reported by davep
2012-11-20 Chris TallonPatch from hondansx to fix loss of timing bar when...
2012-11-20 Marten Richtergcc compile fixes reported by sirwio
2012-11-18 Marten Richtertfeed line breaks
2012-11-18 Marten RichterQuery Mpeg2 support and fix of aspect switching
2012-11-18 Marten RichterMakefile fix, thanks to davep for reporting this issue
2012-11-18 Marten RichterActivate HD deinterlacer
2012-11-17 Marten RichterUpdates on mode switching code, still turned off
2012-11-17 Marten RichterUse system fonts
2012-11-17 Marten RichterAdd auto TCP window size
2012-11-17 Marten RichterLet vomp handle aspect ratio change, better aspect...
2012-11-11 Marten RichterFix shutdown of osdvector and some hdmi related changes#
2012-11-11 Marten RichterBlock mediapackets on pause
2012-11-11 Marten RichterAdd files for debian package generation
2012-11-11 Marten RichterChange some options regarding priority
2012-11-10 Marten RichterRemove unnecessary dependencies
2012-11-10 Marten RichterFix remotelinux clearbuffer
2012-11-10 Marten RichterChange pause handling, as suggested by davep
2012-11-08 Marten RichterFix linebreaks in tfeed.h
2012-11-08 Marten RichterMvp compile fixes
2012-11-07 Marten RichterChanges in analog tv mode switching
2012-11-05 Marten RichterEnd of line normalization
2012-11-05 Marten RichterFix bug in pts_expected (Thanks to hondansx for spottin...
2012-11-05 Marten RichterNormalize line endings
2012-11-05 Marten RichterAdd gitignore file
2012-11-04 Marten RichterFix makefile
2012-11-04 Marten RichterSome other preparations for dynamic video mode change