2022-05-30 Chris TallonAdd sleeptimer text to translations master
2022-05-20 Chris TallonFix playback resume point on recordings with file sizes...
2020-04-09 Chris TallonFix: Call cRecordings::Update instead of SetModified...
2019-10-28 Chris TallonSet protocol version for release 0.5.1 0-5-1
2019-10-20 Chris TallonUpdate vomp.conf.sample with TCP & UDP port options
2019-10-15 Chris TallonFix an #if for compiling with VDR < 2.3
2019-10-15 Chris TallonUpdated Makefile
2019-10-15 Chris TallonIPv6 support for discovery protocol
2019-10-09 Chris TallonIPv6 support for main protocol
2019-10-08 Chris TallonAdd response packet when starting streaming recording...
2019-10-04 Chris TallonAdd VDR_GETRECINFO2 call to return additional rec info
2019-09-29 Chris TallonAdd protocol command to reset recording resume point
2018-03-12 Chris TallonMerge branch 'master' of git.vomp.tv:/vompserver
2018-03-12 Chris TallonBug fix with moving a recording with special characters...
2017-02-27 Chris TallonAllow client protocol version 301 0-5-0
2017-02-22 Chris TallonSet protocol version for next release, fix file permissions
2017-02-16 Chris TallonCompatibilty updates for VDR 2.3.1 & 2.3.2
2017-02-14 Chris TallonFix calls to VDRs Channels.GetByNumber
2017-02-11 Chris TallonUse VDR's Channels.GetByNumber() instead of own function
2017-02-11 Chris TallonCompilation fixes for newer compiler, readdir_r to...
2017-02-04 Chris TallonMerge branch 'scraper_support'
2017-01-23 Chris TallonRaise recording playback get-block limit to 1MB scraper_support
2016-06-23 Chris TallonUpdate Makefile as suggested in VDR 2.1.3 changes
2016-03-05 Marten RichterIncrease ringbuffer size, enhances performance for...
2014-11-23 Marten RichterFix support for large recordings
2014-10-12 Marten RichterPost also information about language preferences ar...
2014-10-05 Marten RichterSupport for epgimages added
2014-09-27 Marten RichterSupport for channel logos
2014-09-20 Marten RichterBug fix for event thumbs
2014-09-13 Marten RichterAdd support for events identified tvmedia in protocoll
2014-08-30 Marten RichterAdd handling for recording minuatures
2014-08-30 Marten RichterAdd forgotten vdrcommand.h changes
2014-07-13 Marten RichterMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.vomp.tv:20022/vompserver
2014-07-13 Marten RichterAdd missing interface declarations for scraper2vdr...
2014-07-13 Marten RichterAdded first support for tvscraper, until now only recor...
2014-02-16 Chris TallonUpdate version number, protocol version for 0.4.1 0-4-1
2014-02-05 Chris TallonPatch to support VDR 2.1.2 from CReimer
2014-02-01 Chris TallonPut back VDR-1.7.36 changes
2014-02-01 Chris TallonMerge branch '0-4-1-dev' of git.vomp.tv:/vompserver
2014-02-01 Chris TallonNew Makefile, min VDR now 1.7.35
2013-03-02 Chris TallonShutdown VDR Patch from Yaris 0-4-1-dev
2013-02-23 Chris TallonMerge branch '0-4-0rc' 0-4-0
2013-02-23 Chris TallonFix makefile. Again. 0-4-0rc
2013-02-03 Chris TallonVDR 1.7.36 compatible
2013-02-03 Chris TallonMerge branch '10736-remake' into 0-4-0rc
2013-02-03 Chris TallonFix for APIVERSNUM / NAME on old VDRs 10736-remake
2013-02-03 Chris TallonMakefile made backward compatible with VDR 1.7.26
2013-02-03 Chris TallonRemade files with VDR 1.7.36 newplugin
2013-01-19 Chris TallonVersion numbers
2013-01-19 Marten RichterMerge branch 'master' of git.vomp.tv/vompserver
2013-01-13 Chris TallonAdd is-recording-new to protocol
2013-01-07 Chris TallonNew VOMP discovery protocol
2012-11-20 Chris TallonAllow more live priority values for VDR > 1.7.25 from...
2012-11-20 Chris TallonFix for broken teletext on recent VDR, from MartenR...
2012-11-18 Marten RichterMerge branch 'master' of git.vomp.tv/vompserver
2012-11-14 Marten RichterAdd version control to protocoll and audio types needed...
2012-10-27 Marten RichterAdd version control to protocoll and audio types needed...
2012-10-07 Chris TallonCompatibility for VDR 1.7.30, thanks to hondansx, Uwe...
2012-06-02 Chris TallonMerge branch 'master' of git.vomp.tv:vompserver
2012-06-02 Chris TallonFix all compiler warnings
2012-06-02 Chris TallonVDR 1.6.0 compatibility
2012-05-30 Chris TallonUTF-8 patch from Marten Richter, inc threadMethod err...
2012-05-29 Chris TallonFixes for compilation against VDR 1.7.27. It compiles!
2012-05-28 Chris TallonMakefile changes as per VDR HISTORY file
2012-05-14 Chris TallonSet file modes
2010-02-08 Chris TallonHDTV for Windows
2009-10-17 Chris Tallon*** empty log message ***
2009-07-16 Chris TallonVersion number
2009-05-30 Chris TallonVDR 1.7.7 compatibility r0-3-1
2009-02-22 Chris TallonLive TV teletext mods
2008-12-27 Chris Tallon*** empty log message ***
2008-12-23 Chris TallonVogel Media Player 2008-11-28
2008-07-19 Chris TallonVersion number r0-3-0
2008-07-17 Chris TallonRemove log lines
2008-07-17 Chris TallonCode cleaning
2008-06-13 Chris TallonRemoved obselete code
2008-06-13 Chris TallonAdded Marten's queueing for incoming packets
2008-06-02 Chris TallonFix a thread not being stopped causing strange connecti...
2008-06-01 Chris TallonTake out test sleep
2008-06-01 Chris TallonServer side timeouts
2008-05-31 Chris TallonAsync server protocol
2008-05-10 Chris Tallonl10n
2008-05-06 Chris TallonRadio stream chunk size, stream end detection
2008-04-23 Chris TallonWindows AC3
2008-04-02 Chris TallonFix for bootp using wrong config dir
2008-04-02 Chris TallonFix for moving recordings
2008-03-26 Chris TallonPatch to allow disabling of mvprelay server
2008-03-26 Chris Tallondocs update
2008-03-26 Chris Tallon*** empty log message ***
2008-03-26 Chris TallonFSF address change
2008-03-26 Chris Tallon*** empty log message ***
2008-03-25 Chris TallonPatch from davep for VDR 1.5 / 1.6
2008-03-25 Chris TallonUpdate to advise Linux about FS caching
2008-01-12 Chris Tallon*** empty log message ***
2007-12-10 Mark Calderbanktabs -> spaces in source
2007-12-06 Mark CalderbankNew I18n system: server code
2007-11-26 Chris TallonFix config dir thread safety
2007-11-25 Chris TallonLive TV update
2007-11-25 Chris TallonStreaming update
2007-11-25 Chris TallonBug fix for new stream protocol