2022-05-26 Chris TallonJSON: Switch from StyledWriter to StreamWriterBuilder master
2022-05-26 Chris TallonFix types, remove -fpermissive
2022-05-24 Chris TallonFix httpd not accepting empty last post variable
2022-05-10 Chris TallonSwitch recrename to use cRecording::ChangeName()
2022-05-10 Chris TallonSwitch recmove to use cRecording::ChangeName()
2022-05-10 Chris TallonAllow empty post fields & bug fix
2019-11-20 Chris TallonFix: Don't call cPlugin::ConfigDirectory on non-main...
2019-08-06 Chris TallonFix segv deleting resume data, due to new VDR locking...
2019-08-01 Chris TallonMakefile changes for VDR 2.3.6
2019-08-01 Chris TallonCompatibility with VDR 2.3.1. Min VDR version now 2...
2019-07-31 Chris TallonNew include for spdlog 1.3.1
2018-04-19 Chris TallonInclude number of tuners in timerlist json call
2018-03-14 Chris TallonMHD connection timeouts, take 2 at save/load EPG filters,
2018-03-12 Chris TallonAdd content type response header for POST json
2018-03-11 Chris TallonImplement loading and saving EPG filters
2018-03-11 Chris TallonSwitch to libmicrohttpd. Rewrite handler.
2018-03-08 Chris TallonSwitch to libspdlog
2018-03-07 Chris TallonSwitch to libconfig++
2017-07-05 Chris TallonEPG search call
2017-07-02 Chris TallonAdd download-all-EPG call
2017-06-28 Chris TallonAdd call to search for same programme on another channel
2017-06-20 Chris TallonAdd edit-timer call
2016-06-23 Chris TallonUpdate Makefile as suggested in VDR 2.1.3 changes
2016-06-23 Chris TallonCompatibility for VDR 2.1.2
2016-02-09 Chris TallonReturn resume point in seconds instead of frames
2016-01-08 Chris TallonAdd recording reset-resume call
2015-12-12 Chris TallonAdd tuner-status call
2015-12-12 Chris TallonInit arrays to empty. Return empty array instead of...
2015-12-12 Chris TallonMake SSL cert filename part of config. Fix a shutdown...
2014-09-06 Chris TallonAdd HasTimer to get channel schedule
2014-02-01 Chris TallonPut back VDR 1.7.36 changes
2014-02-01 Chris TallonNew Makefile, min VDR now 1.7.35
2014-01-28 Chris TallonSSL
2013-08-11 Chris TallonAdd currently-recording flag to recordings list
2013-08-11 Chris TallonMatch timers using many fields, not ToText, add istimer...
2013-06-11 Chris TallonRename recording
2013-06-11 Chris TallonNew compiler warnings
2013-06-07 Chris TallonTimer del rewrite
2013-06-03 Chris TallonFind event for timer in list even when timer is inactive
2013-05-28 Chris TallonAdd EPG event ID to timer list
2013-05-27 Chris TallonAdd call to toggle timer active status
2013-05-25 Chris TallonAdd gettime and diskstat calls
2013-05-25 Chris TallonAdd result to timers list call
2013-05-04 Chris TallonGet channel schedule event information call
2013-04-28 Chris TallonReturn all channels for channel list, remove unnecessar...
2013-04-28 Chris TallonShort text instead of description in getChannelSchedule...
2013-04-20 Chris TallonAdd file size to recordings list
2013-04-20 Chris TallonRefactor rec-move
2013-04-20 Chris TallonMove recording to new folder
2013-04-08 Chris TallonStop a recording timer from a recording point of view
2013-04-07 Chris TallonServer returns path of recording after move
2013-04-03 Chris TallonFill out get rec info call
2013-04-02 Chris Tallonadd IsNew to recordings
2013-03-31 Chris TallonAdd recording length to protocol
2013-03-31 Chris TallonAdd an ignore file
2013-03-30 Chris TallonConfig file and options for log file, docroot and port...
2013-03-16 Chris TallonInitial import