descriptionJSON server plugin for VDR
ownergit repository hosting
last changeWed, 20 Nov 2019 17:54:56 +0000 (17:54 +0000)
2019-11-20 Chris TallonFix: Don't call cPlugin::ConfigDirectory on non-main... master
2019-08-06 Chris TallonFix segv deleting resume data, due to new VDR locking...
2019-08-01 Chris TallonMakefile changes for VDR 2.3.6
2019-08-01 Chris TallonCompatibility with VDR 2.3.1. Min VDR version now 2...
2019-07-31 Chris TallonNew include for spdlog 1.3.1
2018-04-19 Chris TallonInclude number of tuners in timerlist json call
2018-03-14 Chris TallonMHD connection timeouts, take 2 at save/load EPG filters,
2018-03-12 Chris TallonAdd content type response header for POST json
2018-03-11 Chris TallonImplement loading and saving EPG filters
2018-03-11 Chris TallonSwitch to libmicrohttpd. Rewrite handler.
2018-03-08 Chris TallonSwitch to libspdlog
2018-03-07 Chris TallonSwitch to libconfig++
2017-07-05 Chris TallonEPG search call
2017-07-02 Chris TallonAdd download-all-EPG call
2017-06-28 Chris TallonAdd call to search for same programme on another channel
2017-06-20 Chris TallonAdd edit-timer call
14 months ago master