2021-09-18 Chris TallonFix text corruption in channel number display on live tv master
2021-09-18 Chris TallonFix text corruption on channel list when returning...
2021-08-27 Chris TallonFully working cross compilation. Change default target...
2020-01-11 Chris TallonImplement radio playback resume 0-5-2
2019-12-30 Chris TallonFix resuming recording directly after stopping it
2019-10-28 Chris TallonSet protocol version for release 0.5.1 0-5-1
2019-10-28 Chris TallonFix segfault pressing up in options
2019-10-25 Chris TallonMVP compatibility fix
2019-10-25 Chris TallonMakefile updates for MVP
2019-10-23 Chris TallonWIN32: Disable some fatal compiler warnings. TODO:...
2019-10-23 Chris TallonAdd Winsock2.h to tcp.cc for Windows
2019-10-23 Chris TallonTwo Windows compilation fixes, remove vremoteconfig...
2019-10-20 Chris TallonRemove obsolete TCP port setup code
2019-10-15 Chris TallonIPv6 support for discovery protocol
2019-10-09 Chris TallonIPv6 support for main protocol
2019-10-08 Chris TallonHandle when recording disappears just before playback...
2019-10-07 Chris TallonCompile fix for MVP re: location change of hmsf
2019-10-04 Chris TallonUI feedback for recording: mark as new
2019-10-04 Chris TallonDisplay channel name, duration, resume point and size...
2019-09-29 Chris TallonAdd recording 'Mark as new' functionality
2019-08-17 Chris TallonDon't call av_register_all() if deprecated
2019-08-17 Chris TallonFixes for compilation on Raspbian Buster
2018-06-07 Chris TallonSome compiler warning fixes
2018-06-07 Chris TallonFix a threading deadlock causing a recording playback...
2018-01-15 Marten RichterFix bug regarding advanced menu option, reported by...
2017-11-11 Marten RichterFix libcec4 support
2017-11-11 Marten RichterSmall fixes for debian stretch
2017-10-29 Chris TallonStretch: libcec4 changes
2017-10-29 Chris TallonCompile fixes for stretch
2017-10-29 Chris TallonAdd a 2s skip back button (for interlacing resync)
2017-10-29 Chris TallonCompile fixes for stretch
2017-10-04 Chris TallonSave some CPU usage in OSD loop
2017-09-26 Chris TallonFix RPi pause black screen bug
2017-05-08 Chris TallonBug fix: Display correct stop time on timer display...
2017-03-30 Chris TallonFix segfault when using subtitles
2017-03-11 Marten RichterUse qpu only for SD content, minor fix in osdopenvg... 0-5-0
2017-03-04 Marten RichterFix image_fx deinterlace parameters and add additional...
2017-03-02 Chris TallonAdd BCM2835 to Raspberry Pi detection
2017-02-25 Marten RichterDrop support for Windows XP and Windows Vista before...
2017-02-25 Marten RichterChange RemoteWin to new base class definition
2017-02-25 Marten RichterMake localtime_r portable for windows
2017-02-25 Marten RichterCompiler Warning fixes Windows/Linux
2017-02-25 Marten RichterFix new signal handlers for windows port
2017-02-25 Marten RichterChange version in debian files for next release
2017-02-22 Chris TallonReduce length of protocol mismatch message for MVP
2017-02-22 Chris TallonSet protocol version for next release
2017-02-09 Chris TallonFix demuxer long hang on invalid video stream data
2017-02-09 Chris TallonHack/fix video mode switching on MVP
2017-02-09 Chris TallonCompiler warning fixes for MVP
2017-02-03 Chris TallonMore compiler warning fixes scraper_support
2017-02-03 Chris TallonFix segfault in playback navigation
2017-02-01 Chris TallonFix hang skipping after pause (thread deadlock / videoo...
2017-01-25 Chris TallonSome more compiler warning fixes
2017-01-24 Chris TallonSome compiler warning fixes
2017-01-24 Chris TallonFix TVMEDIA channel VDR_PacketReceiver objects being...
2017-01-23 Chris TallonRaise TCP reads per packet error to 1000 and re-enable...
2017-01-23 Chris TallonFix segfault when server returns a getblock with size 0
2017-01-17 Chris TallonFile permissions
2017-01-17 Chris TallonFix several memory leaks
2017-01-17 Chris TallonList object files in the right place for compilation
2017-01-17 Chris TallonA much cleaner patch for enabling MVP again
2017-01-17 Chris TallonRevert "Some nasty hacks to support MVP"
2016-09-25 Chris TallonSome nasty hacks to support MVP
2016-05-26 Chris TallonRewrite signal handling. Fixes a lock up.
2016-05-25 Chris TallonUse localtime_r instead of localtime. Fixes lockup
2016-05-10 Chris TallonAdded two buffer length checks in NALUUnit::NALUUnit...
2015-06-03 Marten Richterinclude cpu of rpi2 in select platform
2015-05-09 Marten RichterCompilation fixes for jessie
2015-04-13 Chris TallonFix missing fclose in WOL code
2015-04-04 Marten RichterResume always from last iframe
2015-04-04 Marten RichterImproved background color/gradient handling and radio...
2015-01-10 Marten RichterPrepare debian files for next release
2014-12-23 Marten RichterFix Makefile for raspberry
2014-12-23 Marten RichterWindows readme and makefile updated!
2014-12-23 Marten RichterSome fixes for raspberry pi compilation
2014-12-22 Marten RichterAdded Vector based OSD for windows (Vista and later)
2014-11-03 Marten RichterSplit OsdWin into OsdWinPixel and WindowsOsd as prepara...
2014-11-01 Marten RichterRemove windows debugging code
2014-11-01 Marten RichterFirst Windows porting changes after adding scraper...
2014-10-31 Marten RichterVersionscheck fuer subtitles
2014-10-28 Marten RichterReverting changes in mutex
2014-10-26 Marten RichterVarious performance optimization in the vector based...
2014-10-24 Marten RichterFix segfault in advanced recording menu
2014-10-21 Marten RichterHopefully fix subtitle priority handling
2014-10-19 Marten RichterSome changes for windows comptibility
2014-10-19 Marten RichterFix deadlock between imageomx and videoomx, contains...
2014-10-19 Marten RichterFix segfault in vepgadvanced
2014-10-18 Marten RichterFix leak in picture handling of osdvector, add static...
2014-10-18 Marten RichterAdd channel status icons
2014-10-14 Marten RichterA couple of files were missing in git now added
2014-10-12 Marten RichterFix segfault in wselectlist due to missing thread safety
2014-10-12 Marten RichterGet preferred audio and subtitle languages from vdr...
2014-10-12 Marten RichterAdd static icons in menu
2014-10-07 Marten RichterFix locking and thread cancelation state in updatemode
2014-10-06 Marten RichterSome code clean up to reduce the recompilation time...
2014-10-05 Marten RichterReorganized handling of static pictures
2014-10-05 Marten RichterSupport for epgimages
2014-10-05 Marten RichterScreenshot support for vector based osd on raspberry pi
2014-10-04 Marten RichterAdded basic skinning support and a new different lookin...
2014-10-03 rootAdd more flexible video display options