descriptionVOMP Client - VDR on MVP
ownergit repository hosting
last changeTue, 15 Oct 2019 16:08:39 +0000 (17:08 +0100)
33 hours ago Chris TallonIPv6 support for discovery protocol master
7 days ago Chris TallonIPv6 support for main protocol
8 days ago Chris TallonHandle when recording disappears just before playback...
9 days ago Chris TallonCompile fix for MVP re: location change of hmsf
12 days ago Chris TallonUI feedback for recording: mark as new
12 days ago Chris TallonDisplay channel name, duration, resume point and size...
2019-09-29 Chris TallonAdd recording 'Mark as new' functionality
2019-08-17 Chris TallonDon't call av_register_all() if deprecated
2019-08-17 Chris TallonFixes for compilation on Raspbian Buster
2018-06-07 Chris TallonSome compiler warning fixes
2018-06-07 Chris TallonFix a threading deadlock causing a recording playback...
2018-01-15 Marten RichterFix bug regarding advanced menu option, reported by...
2017-11-11 Marten RichterFix libcec4 support
2017-11-11 Marten RichterSmall fixes for debian stretch
2017-10-29 Chris TallonStretch: libcec4 changes
2017-10-29 Chris TallonCompile fixes for stretch
2 years ago 0-5-0 Release 0.5.0
5 years ago 0-4-1 Release 0.4.1
6 years ago 0-4-0 Release 0.4.0
9 years ago pre-hdtv prep for pre-hdtv release
10 years ago r0-3-1 prep for r0-3-1 release
11 years ago r0-3-0 prep for r0-3-0 release
11 years ago r0-2-7 prep for r0-2-7 release
12 years ago r0-2-6b-f4 prep for r0-2-6b-f4 release
12 years ago r0-2-6b-f3 prep for r0-2-6b-f3 release
12 years ago r0-2-6b-f2 prep for r0-2-6b-f2 release
12 years ago r0-2-6b-f1 prep for r0-2-6b-f1 release
12 years ago r0-2-6 prep for r0-2-6 release
12 years ago r0-2-5 prep for r0-2-5 release
13 years ago r0-2-4 prep for r0-2-4 release
13 years ago r0-2-3 prep for r0-2-3 release
13 years ago r0-2-2b prep for r0-2-2b release
33 hours ago master
2 years ago scraper_support
5 years ago 0-4-1-dev
6 years ago 0-4-0rc